5 Games To Help Kids Get Focused And Stay Focused

5 Games To Help Kids Get Focused And Stay Focused

Easily distracted. Impatient. Hyper active. Thy name is children!

In this super stimulating world of facebook and whatsapp and games and television, where we as parents find it difficult to stay focused on our job in hand; how do we develop the ability to focus in our children? More importantly, how can we do so while having fun?

Here are 5 Focus Building Games For Children:

  • 1. Simon Says

    According to Ellen Galinsky, author of ‘Mind in the Making : The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs’, playing games like “Simon Says” or it’s indian equivalent “Gandhiji Gandhiji” strengthens children’s ability to focus greatly. Keep changing directions every couple of minutes to make the game more fun and challenging. Tell the children when the switch happens whether they are supposed to follow Simon’s directions or not.

    How To Play Simon Says | How To Play Gandhiji Gandhiji

  • 2. Memory Games

    Whether you are an adult or a child, memory games are a fantastic way to keep your brain sharp and focused.

    The simplest and most popular memory game is that of keeping cards/pictures face down and finding matching pairs. Each player gets to open two cards at a time. If cards match they are yours. Else you close them and next player plays his turn. At the end of game, player with maximum pairs wins. At introductory level, start with 4 pairs. You can gradually move up the numbers of pairs you play with.

    Any picture matching, shadow matching, opposite matching, gender matching etc game can be used to play a memory game.

  • 3. I Spy

    I Spy is our favorite game when we have time to pass while travelling or waiting. It encourages children to observe and focus on their surroundings. At a simple level, you can play I Spy Colour. Where the child will search for whatever colour you mention and vica versa. At a later stage, you can spy objects, textures, alphabets, numbers … anything that you wish to teach your child or is your child’s favourite.

  • 4. Jigsaw Puzzles

    Jigsaw puzzles need no introduction. Starting from 18 months, age appropriate jigsaw puzzles do wonders to your child’s attention span and visual and spatial intelligence. The best part about them is that they offer instant reward to your child in form of finished object every time they finish a piece.

  • 5. Threading & Beading Games

    While threading and beading games are often overlooked in toy section, they offer best in terms of flexibility. The sheer amount of games you can play with them can keep the same toy feel fresh after a really long use.

    Threading and beading activity by itself builds focus and is excellent for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Once your child has mastered putting beads in threads, you can play pattern match, color match, single colour beading, multi colour beading etc etc with him/her. You can race to finish your thread with beads first. You can make different ornaments from them. As long as it is fun and your child is beading, focus is getting developed in the background.