#11 Toy Bundle For 3 Year Old

This toy bundle sent to our 3 year old toy library member in Prabhadevi is known to keep kids busy and away from gadgets.

Barbeque set encourages children to use their imagination to build stories and role play. Alphabet mini book is a great battery operated toy for children to engage with and lean alphabets on their own. Its small size makes it a excellent toy to keep in your purse and take along for travel.

Little Tikes : Barbeque Set

Be a little Chef, and get the thrill of cooking food on your own Barbecue.Kids will love this outdoor activity of cooking and serving Corns, Sausages.This pack also includes Tomato Ketchup, Coke.It comes with an easy to carry case.It helps to develop children’s intellectual and practical ability.

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Winfun : Alphabet Mini Book

This kids talking mini book is compact and has a fold up design that makes it easy and convenient for kids to carry around when not in use. There are pictures of a number of objects with their names next to their corresponding alphabets on the book. The talking alphabet mini book set is a nice learning aid that improves your child’s alphabetical as well as word and spelling skills while your kid plays with this innovative toy. Your child’s awareness in recognizing various shapes and objects is also enhanced by this talking mini book.

.5 learning activities including alphabet, spelling, words, numbers, object and sound recognition, shapes music and game
. 10 number buttons convert to a 10 note keypad for mixing songs
.26 creative sound effects
. Foldup book design

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#10 Book Bundle For 6 Year Old

Master your child’s early reading skills with our phonic friendly collection of early reading books. This set of 5 books sent to our 6 year book library member in Chembur helps him practice blends with various combinations such as br, sp and spl beginnings. The story format keeps kids coming to these books repeatedly and makes phonics practice more fun than chore.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don’t expect to see at the door is a big furry, stripy tiger!

This inimitable picture book is perfect for reading aloud, or for small children to read to themselves time and again.

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The Brave Baby

The Indian chief was brave and fierce, so many people were afraid of him. But Wasso, the brave baby, was not afraid of him. When the proud Indian chief goes to confront Wasso, he learns an important and humbling lesson. No matter how much he tries to intimidate the brave baby, she will not do as he says.

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Mule Goes To School

This is a series of books on Phonics or Sounds intended for children to get familiar and become competent on sounds of different words. Each book of this series is dealt with various sounds to enable children to practice pronouncing them correctly with minimum guidance. Learning phonics – the fun way – is the aim of this book.

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Slippery Slug – Funny Photo Phonics

This book focusses on l blends – sl as in slippery and bl as in black. The examples in this text will help to build readers knowledge of sound / spelling relationships

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Splish Splosh Splash

Splish in the rain. Splosh in the mud. Do you like getting wet? Then this is just the book for you. All round reading fun whee children discover tales and fables, facts and fiction, rhymes and word games.

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#9 Toy Bundle for 5 year old

This book & toy bundle sent to our 5 year old library member in Malad East is a beautiful mix of games to stimulate both right brain and left brain.

Create endless amount of play with our Bubbly BathTime set. Role play builds on childrens story telling and imaginative skills. It builds empathy and enables children to process and understand the world around them via simulation.

Brain Boosters series is one of our most loved game series enjoyed by children 4 years+. It engages with them and makes them think to answer simple questions through observation and knowledge of basic concepts like size, numbers, direction etc

Block sets are timeless. Build house as shown in the picture first to develop understanding of how to use blocks to build houses and then build your own through imagination.

Little Mommy Bubbly BathTime Set

Experience the everyday fun of bath time with this adorable baby
This fully submersible Splish Splash doll loves to play in the tub
Girls will love playing mommy with these very special baby dolls
Includes bird shaped pouring cup, pink tub, foam dispenser and bird-themed bath towel
The perfect bath time baby doll every girl will love

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Brain Boosters 3

“Brain Booster 3” is a game of simple questions in picture form to stimulate young minds. It helps children to develop essential early learning skills so that they can understand various curriculum related concepts in most enjoyable way. The set consists of 12 Wipe-Clean laminated cards printed both sides having 22 ‘Question Sheets’ with different activities and 2 ‘Answer sheets’. The child is required to complete different activities covering various topics such as ‘Same, Different, Opposites, Rhyming Words, Things that go Together, Odd one Out, Patterns, Beginning Sounds, Happy, Sad, Hot, Cold, Senses, Seasons etc.’ using the ‘Special Pencil’ provided with the game,. They may check their own work from given answer sheets and wipe-clean to try again if they have missed something. The activities help children in individual learning, communication, and develop their understanding about language, numeracy, general science and other school subjects.

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My First Architect Set

My First Architect Set is an ideal gift for a child who is at least 5 years of age. It is made of non-toxic plastic and is very safe for little kids. It has an instruction manual with designs of three houses. All of the colourful blocks are compatible with each other. There are a large number of pieces and many variations can be built. This toy helps to develop a child’s creativity and intelligence and also helps to hone his ability to recognise shapes, sizes and colours. A child’s motor skills are enhanced if he plays with construction set toys.

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#8 Book & Toy Bundle for 3 year old

This book & toy bundle sent to our 3 year old library member in Lokhandwala, Andheri introduces children to simple picture matching board game. Play with your child or encourage him/her to play alone. Match pictures, build vocabulary.

How to teach alphabets to children? Play with our popular bkids train to learn alphabets and their friends and once you master it, play the quiz too. Don’t feel like studying? Stack the cubes or play train train. Create your own stories as you take train to and fro.

The bright coloured picture books touch on important topics like friendship and going to doctor. Simple to understand stories widen childrens world and are great starting point to have deep conversations.

BKids Pop N Learn Train

Pop n Learn Train is a sweet little engine that plays the ‘Alphabet Song’ and ‘Train to the City’. It also comes with seven delightful pop-up blocks featuring letters and words. The train recognises each letter and helps teach the alphabet. There is also a game that encourages the child to find the right picture for the letter. This creative product supports early childhood development in a fun, interesting, and engaging way. Children will learn while having fun.

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Colour Bingo Bus

A funny twist on traditional bingo! The playmate colour bingo bus game comes with 8 bus cards filled with pictures of animals & objects. Match the objects and try to fill your card first or use as a matching game.

This 2 in 1 Colour Bingo Bus game from Playmate is a brilliant way fir children to learn their colours, characters and animals, whilst having fun too! With 8 bus sheets and 48 coloured cardboard chips, your child can spend hours developing their understanding of key aspects of the world around them, without even realizing they are learning at the same time.

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Benji’s New Friends

Benji is the new toy in the house, and he wants someone to play with. Luckily for him, the toy box is full of magical friends. Join Benji as he and Dottie, Max, Rosie, and Humph find adventure. This charming picture book about a lovable teddy bear and his new friends will help children as they learn to read and as they meet new friends of their own! Ideal for beginning readers.

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Titu’s Troublesome Tooth

Titus the Goat has a terrible toothache. All the farmyard animals are happy to help him get rid of his troublesome tooth, but poor Titus doesn’t want his tooth pecked, butted or pulled out. He grouches and grumbles and grouches and grumbles until Sadie the Hen provides him with some shocking news. The farmer has called The Vet! This lively, humorous tale by Linda Jennings is perfectly complemented by Gwyneth Williamson’s zany illustrations.

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#7 Book & Toy Bundle for 5 year old

A great mix to develop interest in information books and hone creative and mathematic skills. This book & toy bundle, sent to our 5 year old library member in Borivali,

  • Builds up on childrens love for chhota bheem to work on their addition skills,
  • Teaches about animals through picture & colour rich books,
  • Introduces the concept of 5 senses
  • Nurtures their observation and creative skill set as they replicate pictures from the cube designer game set

Animal Disguises

Animal Disguises is about the secret world of animal camouflage. Learn how some animals use disguises to catch their prey while others use camouflage to avoid being eaten. Read about dangerous predators, such as the Bengal tiger, that use camouflage to creep up on their unsuspecting supper. Discover the great lengths to which some prey animals will go to avoid being attacked, even changing their true shape, color, or nature in order to protect themselves. Look at the American fainting goat, which feigns death, or the harmless milk snake, which looks like the poisonous coral snake.

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Chhota Bheem & The King Of Laddoos

Chhota Bheem has organized a Laddoo eating competition. He’d like to see his friends break his own laddoo record and the winner will be given the ultimate reward – The ‘King of Laddoos’ crown! See your little one gobble the big Laddoo Mountain and dodge the angry TunTun Mausi – a mouth watering journey from beginning to end.

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Cool Facts

Extremely engaging book with interesting tit bit of information about wide range of topics to keep kids coming for more and more.

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Cube Designer

Replicate pictures given in the booklet through 3d blocks to enhance imagination

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A game to make the child aware of the five different senses.

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